AirStream Pro Aerators for Lakes, Ponds & Marinas

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Have a larger water body needing the next level of aeration and circulation?

The AirStream Aerators are ideal for Marinas, Bays, Coves, Canals, Ponds and even larger bodies of water. 

The Airstream will very rapidly change the biology at the lake bottom by providing HIGH VOLUME Venturi Aeration + add a powerful horizontal water flow that make it a very hard for aquatic weeds such as water milfoil, Hydrilla and other types of weeds to persist and grow.Video Button

The Airstream works by pulling and removing the nutrients from the bottom sediment that are fueling this aggressive weed growth. And, as it does that, the weeds weaken and die and, quite literally, uproot from the bottom.

Where do the nutrients go? By creating an “Super Oxygenated” environment, The machine is actually creating the right kind of environment for beneficial, bottom dwelling, aerobic bacteria to start to consume those nutrients as their food (eliminates bottom sediment). This in turn takes away the food source that aquatic plants need to grow!

This powerful machine is simply changing for the better the biology and chemistry at the bottom of the lake so that it is able to quickly become a natural, healthy lake bottom again. Instead of an area that’s overrun with topped out, aggressive, invasive Aquatic Vegetation.

The AirStream Pro is ideally suited for more substantial marinasaquaculture ponds and fishery management applications, as well as larger lakefronts, coves, bays or channels. Choose from a Float unit or Dock Mounted unit.

Benefits AS2 Marina Lake Aerator Cirulator

Airstream Pro Features and Capabilities

Models and Options

 Motor/Horsepower Electrical RequirementAmpsWater Depth Impact Range Surface Area Impact Range

(Unit comes standard with 100′ cord and control box ready for “plug & play” into standard 110V 20 Amp socket)

 110 Volt20 Amp Circuit 2 Feet min 10 – 15 feet max   1-2 Acres

(Unit comes standard with 100′ cord and control box ready for “plug & play” into standard 220V 20 Amp socket)

 220 Volt 20 Amp Circuit 2 Feet min 15 – 25 feet max   1-3 Acres

LARGER COMMERCIAL VERSIONS AVAILABLE – Please contact us for more info.


Our Goal is to provide you with the necessary information you will need in order to operate the AirStream Pro. In order to run the AirStream Pro you will need the following:

20 amp circuit / outlet is required for all models
If you are using our 1.5hp (110 volt) version you will need “NEMA 5-20 receptacle” & a “NEMA 5-20 plug”
If you are using 2hp (220 volt) model you will need “NEMA 6-20 receptacle” & “NEMA 6-20 plug”

Airstream Aerator Marina Lake Bay Pond Muck Silt algae removal

How Does the AirStream Pro Control Weeds?

The Air Stream Pro helps to reduce weeds in two ways.  Most weeds do not like to be in high flow areas and the flow from the machine disturbs their growth cycle.  More importantly the machines ability to rapidly reduce the muck and nutrients in the sediment the weeds are growing in is the primary method that causes the weeds to released from the bottom and or turn brown and start to die.

How Does the AirStream Pro Control Muck / Sediment?

The machine reduces Muck & Silt by continuously flowing a high-volume stream of super oxygenated water along the bottom. This enables beneficial bacteria to biologically eat the lock and reduce it. The units can be paired with our Muck Digester Pellets for a faster result.

Models and Options

Float Mounted Unit provides the versatility to move the unit around your shoreline.
Dock Mounted unit offers ease of installation and operation.

All units come standard with a 100ft cord. Longer or Shorter lengths are also available



Dock mounted aerator for marina pier bay canal residential

 Motor/Horsepower Electrical RequirementAmpsWater Depth Impact Range Surface Area Impact Range
  1.5-HP 110 Volt20 Amp Circuit 2 Feet min 10 – 15 feet max   1-2 Acres
 2-HP 220 Volt 20 Amp Circuit 2 Feet min 15 – 25 feet max   1-3 Acres



Airstream Lake Water Marina Bay Aerator DOCK MOUNT image
Dock / Pier Mounted Unit

Aerators for lake pond marina bay kill lake weeds


For Inquiries Call Weeders Digest at: 877-224-4899 

About the AirStream PRO


How Does the Airstream Work?

The combination of micro-bubbles, jet aeration and circulation helps to move the water and keep the oxygen levels high. The tool draws all of the air from the surface by using the high speed propeller located under the water. When this works to pull the oxygen into the water, while moving the water, what you get is completely oxygenated water with a continuous mix of hundreds of gallons per minute that are all being aerated.


The best part? It comes in a variety of sizes, so you can place it in any depth water or choose a different angle so that the propeller is able to work in any size body of water that you have.

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  Benefits of Using the AirStream
-Reduces muck, weeds, algae and other growth that is not desirable throughout the water
-Never have to use harmful chemicals again
-Breathe life into otherwise dead ponds or other bodies of water
-Increase the oxygen and circulation throughout the water


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