How to you get rid of lake muck, weeds, leaves, twigs, algae and scum? As you may already know. The Aqua Thruster by Weeders Digest offers the best solutions for removing and preventing lake muck on your lake front. The AquaThruster our first choice especially when our customers want something that will resolve their muck issue FAST!

We have so many options for blower motor HP and mounting options that it makes it impossible for us not be be able to guarantee that this product will improve your situation quickly.

It is also the perfect tool for maintaining a sandy, hard bottom beach and protecting your shoreline from weeds & algae that tend to float in.

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The Dock mount, Post mount & Side Truss Mount options for the AquaThruster are adjustable up to a 5 foot water depth so you can use it for blasting and moving aquatic weeds lake muck and sediment by positioning close to the muck bottom. You can also raise it to just below the water surface to maintain a floating weed and algae area.

You can add the 360 degree oscillating motor to your Aqua thruster to maximize up to a 360 degree coverage area!  The oscillating motor is a fantastic convenience tool because it enables you to mount your Aqua thruster in one dock location so you don’t have to reposition.

We also offer a Freestanding Frame mount & Float mount

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What Our Customers Are Saying About AquaThruster

Power Water Mover
We have the 1 hp unit. It moves a lot of water and does so easily 75 or more feet. It will clean out muck and weeds within a very short time and operating it regularly will keep it that way. It will move algae out of the area also.
Great Product
Powerful motor (3/4). Moves silt and sludge quickly. The free-standing stand tends to float up, so had to anchor it with 25 pound pavers. Did the trick. Looking forward to using it all summer in order to keep make channel front clean.