Aquatic Harvesters

Introducing our unique line of aquatic weed harvesters. Lightweight, extremely portable, compact, productive commercial quality harvesters for maintenance contractor, property management companies, and resort/marina’s & even lake home owners. 

ECO-HARVESTER (cutter, puller, skimmer)

Eco Harvester Aquatic Weed puller cutter skimmer

Environmentally friendly aquatic plant harvesting machine and the only harvester of its kind that pulls the weeds from their roots instead of cutting them like ALL other aquatic weed harvesters!  Learn More at

ECO-CUTTER (cutter – skimmer)

Eco Cutter Aquatic Harvester

The Eco-Cutter machine is designed to cut, pick up, store cut vegetation on board, transport cut vegetation to a  discharge area, and discharge the cut vegetation to the stern. Learn more at


The Top Advantages of Aquatic Plant Harvesters

*Harvesting Effectively rids your waterfront of certain types of vegetation that ultimately hinder your ability to traverse your lake.

*Creates a more conducive environment for swimming and irrigation.

*No possibility of an adverse reaction when using a mechanical means of treatment as opposed to using a chemical or granular approach.

*Effectively releases healthy nutrients back into the water that were previously trapped in the vegetation.

*This type of lake & pond shorline management does not rid your waterfront of all underwater plants, it simply scales them back to healthier levels–further enhancing the oxygen levels needed for all living organisms found in your body of water.

*The plant life that remains after the body of water has been harvested, will continue to serve as a sponge–collecting various pollutants that are utilized in the growth process.

*Greatly reduce the volume of organic fuel that grows cyclically from year to year.

*Significantly improve the quality of the bottom of the body of water by reducing the volume of muck, sediment, and silt.

*The Harvester is a great apparatus for enhancing the fishery too! Create new points of entry for fishermen and new areas for fish to congregate along the newly cut vegetation.

*Greatly reduces the size and rate of growth of the vegetation through consistent harvesting.

*Harvested weeds make an excellent fertilizer on land. In fact, the rate of decomposition is much more rapid than that of a standard compost product.

*The harvesting process is very precise. Wherever you maneuver the machine is precisely where the plants will be cut and harvested.

*We offer a variety of sizes and features with our machines–making it completely customizable for your body of water.