DIY Dredge – Portable Suction Dredge

DIY Dredge - Portable Suction Dredger - ake and pond muck silt sludge removals
DIY Dredge – Portable Suction Dredger

The industrial grade Portable Dredge is a one of a kind sediment removal pumping system that allows the user to easily pump mud, muck & organic sediment out of a lake or pond without using an excavator or damaging the shore. It is portable, compact, and gasoline powered.

This powerful dredge system is most beneficial in removing sand, silt, and that fluffy black mud.  The centrifugal pump is equipped with a mill that effectively grinds down the roots of weeds. The Dredge capability is about 9323 cubic feet of water per hour, along 211 cubic feet of sediment per hour. The amount of sediment, distance pumped, and energy & skill level may vary the results of sediment removal, but many operators state that they are able to pump a much larger volume than the above estimates.

The dredge is designed to pump a lot of water along with the sediment to ensure that everything come out of the discharge hose smoothly.  Whether your a commercial service provider, private contractor, municipality, or individual home owner the “DIY” dredge will help allow you to effectively renew any body of water.
The DIY Dredge comes with a variable mounting mounting plate, an eight foot transparent hose, one Cam Lock coupling and your choice of 150 ft – 300ft or 450 ft of discharge hose.  The Dredge should be mounted on a raft, a steady boat or you could even do some dredging from the ice. Best results comes from mounting on a platform raft that can be removed from the raft when done using this powerful Dredge.

lake and pond muck silt sludge removals
Portable Suction Pump Dredger lake and pond muck silt sludge removal

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The powerful motor and hose capacity is capable of pumping up to 15,800 gallons (2118 gallons cubic feet) of water per hour at full vent, which means about 211 cubic feet of muck per hour at 10% blend. The nature of the sediment and the distance pumped will affect the capacity. The maximum hose length suggested is 450 Ft, maximum lift height is 78 Ft. Stones and rocks as large as an inch can pass through the pump and anything larger is blocked.


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Portable Suction Pump Dredger



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