Lake Groomer

Weeder’s Digest is the definitive expert when it comes to providing lake weed and lake muck solutions. As the definitive expert we have identified the Lake Groomer as the premier lake weed and lake muck removal product available anywhere on the market today!
One of the only products available guarantees a hard pack lake bottom that is lake weed and lake muck free, which is why we refer to the Lake Groomer as the “Cadillac” in lakeshore management. The Lake Groomer delivers this promise because the rolling tubes have “fins” attached which combined with the rolling action lets the rolling tubes dig into the lake bottom. As the Lake Groomer tubes roll across the lake bottom, the fins easily dislodge existing weeds and sediment/lake muck and prevents new weeds from growing.
Three flexible couplers between the rolling tubes enable each one to hug the contour of the lake bottom as water depth changes. The Lake Groomer can attach to your dock/pier or can be used from your shoreline in unison with our tri-pod kit so you can position the Lake Groomer wherever you want to control weeds!
Use the “Power Share” Program with neighbors. The Lake Groomer can be purchased without the Power head which allows 2-3 neighbors to easily move one power unit to different Lake Groomer installations, making the Lake Groomer an even better investment for all.
The Lake Groomer features “Stay Dry” Installation which uniquely features a base anchor that is augered in from above, and a single bracket to the dock.
Triple Protection against Short Circuit
1. Plug Into Ground Fault at the Source.
2. Ground Fault Built Into Unit.
3. Short Circuit Protection in the Motor Controller

Additional Features:
The Lake Groomer automatically senses heavy weed and muck conditions. To avoid being stuck, the Groomer automatically reverses and makes subsequent attempts to clear the obstruction. After six such reversals, the unit shuts itself down to allow manual blockage removal. It easily rolls over small rocks and other objects. The standard Lake Groomer kit operates at a depth of 4.5 feet. Additional kits to increase the depth by 3 feet are available. A maximum of two additional kits can be added to the standard unit, increasing the functional depth operation to 10 feet at the power head.

• Adjustable up to a 280° arc.
• Operates in up to 41/2 feet of water at the power head.
• Extendable to 42 feet of lake bottom rollers.
• 3° of flex for each flexible roller joint (9° total with 3 rollers).
• Some states and localities have different regulations that may involve
a permit process. Always comply with local requirements when using your Lake Groomer.

As mentioned above, the vertical motor easily attaches to any dock/pier post and powers three 7’ rolling tubes with have fins that churn up the lake bottom to remove rooted aquatic plants and unwanted lake muck. After the initial cleaning the Lake Groomer serves as a great maintenance tool to prevent sediment and lake weeds from settling and growing.
When not in use the rolling tubes align parallel to your dock so they are out of the way when you want to play!

The Lake Groomer features three 7-foot rollers that bolt together with a steel coupler at the anchor point. This can be extended to create 42 feet of lake-bottom rollers for maximum muck and weed removal. Along the stretch of the groomer tube, flexible couplers at the seven and fourteen-foot marks allow maximum adaptability to the contours of the lake bottom.

The Lake Groomer power head is fabricated of rust-resistant aluminum, and the aluminum roller tubes are 6-inches in diameter. The basic hardware attaches to docks on 2-inch diameter support legs and adapts to either round or square dock posts.  An optional tripod mounting kit is available, allowing the Lake Groomer hardware to be self-standing if needed.

Electronic components are encased in weatherproof epoxy.

The entire Lake Groomer apparatus is backed by a three-year warranty. The system utilizes standard 110-volt household current converted to 28-volt AC via the power converted. An eight-amp circuit breaker is included on the 28-volt AC side of the power converter.

Just like our AirStream Venturi Aerator / Circulator, the Lake Groomer is one of the few automated machines that controls and manages weeds and bottom sediment. Both products use completely different methods but are both guaranteed to completely eliminate weed & silt.

There can never be too many weeds. If the lake groomer runs into a heavy weeded area, dock post or any other obstruction the lake groomer reverses itself and will go back six times to make its way through. While uncommon, if the weeds are too tough, the system will shut down and the obstruction will have to be manually removed. This type of weed removal prevents future growth of aquatic weeds. It reduces zebra mussels and improves home value by having a weed and much free shore.



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