Lake & Pond Muck-Silt-Sludge Digester Pellets

All Natural – Eco Friendly – Premium Grade – Commercial & Residential use

Reduce up to 12″of buildup per month (see dosage rates below for details)

Shore Restore Muck-Silt-Sludge Digester Pellets are slow-release pellets loaded with premium grade indigenous and bio-stimulant, probiotics, enzymes and beneficial bacteria. When tossed into any size lake or pond, they quickly get to work eating away and eliminating organic buildup by encouraging naturally occurring bacteria and providing sludge eating cultures

They are completely safe for all wildlife, fish and humans. They will not negatively effect or kill living aquatic plants or algae. You will also quickly notice a reduction toxic gas that causes that nasty “rotten egg” and “swamp” odors.

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Some clients have even articulated achievement of breaking down sycamore leaf debris in the ponds and lakes by the use these powerful all-natural muck reducers.

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Common Applications:

The pellets are a dense product designed to be “tossed in” and sink to the bottom. When they sink into the muck the bacteria produce enzymes that speed up the breakdown of organic waste. Some customers have expressed success breaking down sycamore leaf debris in their lakes and ponds using our Pellts. They contain safe and beneficial bacteria, and will not harm aquatic species, fish, waterfowl, or people. This product will also reduce sulfide and mercaptan odors found in muck.

Residential Shorelines:
Lake home and cabin owners use our pellets to minimize the muck around the shorelines. By spreading the pellets all around their dock and shoreline at least, once or twice per month your lake bottom will become more and more healthy, have less bottom sediment, look and smell better.

These tablets can also be used in lakes of all sizes. For larger areas it is common to use a fertilizer spreader which is usually attached to the back of the boat. Save money on dredging costs as the cost to use Muck-Silt-Sludge Digester Pellets are a  fraction of the cost.  Plus you do not need a permit to use them!


Traditional Dose: Feed 10-lb to 25-lb per surface-acre once per month depending on depth of muck or extent of surface debris.

Super Dose: To degrade up to 1 foot per month. Feed 50# per acre once per month.

Temperature Range: Works best when water temperature is 60° F (17°C) to 130°F (54°C). The warmer it is the faster they reproduce and digest sludge.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry space between 50-80 degrees F. Keep out of direct sunlight and do not store with strong oxidizing agents

Buy Lake Pond Muck Silt Sludge Digester Pellts

For tips and advice on usage and getting the most out of this product contact us any time and we will be happy to assist! 877-224-4899

They are packed with one of the highest amounts beneficial ingredients out there that that will not harm other aquatic plant species, people, fish and any other living thing in the lake. The product will also decrease sulfide and mercaptan toxic odors present in the waste causing that nasty “rotten egg” smell around your shoreline.