Pond Aerators

Weeders Digest Offers a variety of Surface and Sub-Surface Pond Aerators (aka High Oxygen Transfer Units) for aerating and beautifying ponds of all shapes and sizes. With an array of products suited for the backyard pond to the commercial setting to the golf course, our Kasco aerators and fountain products will provide the oxygen and circulation your pond needs to remain healthy and the aesthetically pleasing displays for everyone to enjoy. Improve the look and health of your pond and make pond management easier today.

Efficient/Low Power Use: Highest efficiency design for low power consumption versus competing units. Reduces operating costs over the entire life of the unit.

Rugged Motor: Environmentally friendly design with a hard-face internal mechanical seal for protection against leaks. Long-life top and bottom ball bearings. Flood oil lubricated for excellent heat dissipation.

Corrosion Resistant: Superior dependability in salt-water or other corrosive environments. All externl metal motor, float, andhardware components are of stainless steel composition and protected by a sacrificial zinc anode.

Low Maintenance: Clean the motor housing once or twice per year and replacing the sacrificial zinc anode when visibly corroded.

Fully Tested: ETL listed to stringent UL and CSA Safety Standards.

Dependable: Backed by a two-year warranty (three-year warranty for the 2, 3, and 5HP).

Ships Easily Via UPS

All models include a float and two (or three) 50′ braided nylon mooring ropes and are available with 50′, 100′, 150′, or 200′ (250′, 300′, 400′, or 500′ for 240V models) SJTOW underwater rated electrical power cords.


Advantages of using our Sub Surface Lake & Pond Aerators / Diffusers

Improved Water Quality

Here’s how it works:  A Sub Surface Aeration compressor aims a forced stream of air through our weighted, SureSink air line and Sub Surface Aerator diffuser.  The diffuser disperses the air into micro bubbles, and as they rise to the surface, the motion creates a current that transfers low-oxygen water from the pond bed to the surface.  This is important for several reasons.  First, it breaks up pockets of low- or no-oxygenated water, called dead zones, that can severely impair the health of underwater plant and animal life.  It also RA6-system-rev4-copyprevents drastic changes in underwater temperatures, which can be detrimental to fish populations.  And finally, the increase in oxygen forces harmful gasses to the surface, where they can be safely expelled.

Circulating the water from bottom to top means that the underwater environment will have uniform oxygen levels and temperature readings, allowing fish and other aquatic life to thrive.  The extra oxygen also allows helpful bacteria to quickly eliminate unwanted organic material from the water.  Less organic material means less stinky lake odors, and who wouldn’t love that?  Aeration and circulation enhance the look, smell, and overall quality of the water for the humans who use it for play and the aquatic life that inhabits it.

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