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AirStream Pro & Industrial Model – In Action AirStream Pro – What it does & How it does it

In as little as 3-4 days, you will begin to see a transformation as the overall weed population lessens and muck disintegrates. You will also start to notice a new level of water clarity due in large part to the AirStream Pro oxygenating the water at a rate ten times more effective than a standard aeration system.  This “super oxygenated” area creates a healthier environment for beneficial bacteria to start consuming those nutrients as food, ultimately starving the invasive and aggressive aquatic vegetation of their needed nutrients. Simply put. This machine will not only kill and get red of aquatic seaweed and muck. It will also keep your water body clean and healthy!

AirStream Pro  – Progress after only 2 daysAirStream Pro in Action


AirStream Pro Dock Mount Overview #1AirStream Pro Dock Mount Overview #2


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